Pricing and development process

Understanding the precise cost of your website can be challenging at the outset. But don't worry, we get it. You probably want some initial guidance. To give you an accurate quote, we need to do some research first. That's why we usually start by offering a pricing range. Once we've got a clear plan in place, we can give you a more precise fixed price. Typically, full business websites can range anywhere from £500 to £2,000, or from £2,000 to £9,000.

Payment terms

We're upfront about our payment terms right from the start, so there's no confusion or hassle. Our goal is to minimize your risk, giving you the assurance that we'll complete your project as promised.


First payment deposit


End of design phase


End of development phase

Web design process

We design interfaces based on user research and behavior to ensure that your website provides what the intended users want, whether it's a product or a service.

Inspiration boards

We arrange images, materials, text, and other design elements into a format that mirrors the final design style of your website.

Sitemap and wireframe

We create sitemaps and wireframes to provide you with a visual guide for the skeletal framework of your website, including the number of pages, hierarchical arrangements, and more.

Style guide

We implement the style guide and transform the wireframe into polished designs, incorporating predefined design elements such as typography, color schemes, shapes, buttons, and other visual elements.

Continued monitoring

After your website is live, we'll use heatmaps and click-tracking tools. These tools visually show how users interact with your site, giving us insights into their behavior and preferences. Using this data, we can pinpoint popular elements and areas where users might face challenges, helping us make better design decisions.

Our design process involves five key phases

We use smart technology and our expertise to evaluate your business's online potential. By predicting website traffic and conversion rates, we find the best structure, layout, content, and design for your site. This data-driven approach ensures each project reaches its full potential, promoting business growth.

1. Strategy

We start every website by getting to know your business and creating a strategy to increase traffic and/or sales. We dig deep into your industry and competitors to find the best ways to bring the right customers to your site. This research guides every part of the design and how we showcase your business.

2. User research

We will use analytics tools and business intelligence tools to gather valuable quantitative and qualitative data on user behavior, demographics, and engagement (including product metrics, social media analytics, email analytics, etc.)

3. Keyword research

Keyword research involves identifying and analyzing the specific words and phrases people use to search for information, products, or services on search engines like Google. This information guides our decisions on content creation and page interactions. We may suggest adjusting how you describe your services to reach a broader audience.

4. Advertising research

By analysing what competitors are doing with their paid ads, we can figure out the best content for your site. This information helps us decide which pages are needed and plan the most effective ways for users to navigate your website.

5. Heatmaps and click tracking

After your website is live, we'll use heatmaps and click-tracking tools. These tools visually show how users interact with your site, giving us insights into their behavior and preferences. Using this data, we can pinpoint popular elements and areas where users might face challenges, helping us make better design decisions.

Web development process

Combining a top web-based CMS with efficient code is essential, and we assure you that this is the optimal approach for developing your website or e-commerce store. It guarantees faster loading times, seamless user experiences, improved search engine rankings, and increased click-through rates on ads.


The site will be built on a secure content management system (CMS)

Using a CMS empowers you to effortlessly edit your own content and oversee your website independently, reducing the reliance on our ongoing assistance. This guarantees a 98% uptime, enhanced security, and streamlined development, resulting in notable time and cost savings not only during the development phase but also as your business advances.


Unique to match your bespoke design

The coding for your website's front end will be specifically written to match your bespoke design. It will also be flexible to adapt as your business grows. Our team will ensure it's optimised and thoroughly tested to provide a seamless experience for visitors using different devices.


Optimised for performance and speed

Once the website is built to match the design, we'll optimise it for performance and speed. We'll compile, minify, and cache the code. Additionally, all images will be converted to modern WEBP versions and lazy-loaded to enhance performance.

Continued support

Tailored to suit your needs

After the website is built, you're not obligated to keep working with us. However, many of our clients find value in receiving ongoing support. We can tailor a plan to meet your specific business needs.

Industry leaders trust us as their partner

We are grateful that our work is recognised and trusted as partners by top technology providers in the industry. Our commitment is to continue learning and utilising these tools so that we can offer our customers the best possible solutions.

Low or no maintenance fees

The web-based software (CMS's) we build on is reliable and optimised for performance, with 98% uptime. This means your website requires minimal to no technical maintenance support. Plus you can effortlessly manage your website content.

Fast development process

With over 18,000 hours of development experience, we've worked extensively with a wide range of designs and components. This allows us to effectively apply our extensive library of hundreds of thousands of lines of code and components to tailor your design within days, rather than months.

All websites are built for extensibility

Even after your website is completed, we can swiftly make changes, add custom functionalities, integrate third-party systems, and more—in hours, not months.

Allow us to assist you in building a cost-effective, mobile-optimised website for your business without exceeding your budget, shall we?

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